Perpetually on the edge of greatness, Perth has the potential to evolve into a dynamic international centre for design and creativity, now!

Open House Perth’s vision is to:

    • Showcase Perth as an extraordinary location with both natural and built assets; strategically placed in a global context
    • Showcase outstanding design projects for all to experience, completely for free
    • Transform the way people interact with the city, attracting local, national and international visitors
    • Establish a leading community organisation through hosting an annual event to meet global standards
    • Promote public awareness of high quality and sustainable design projects
    • Establish positive dialogue in the media for design and creative industries affecting the built environment

Open House Perth’s guiding principles are to:


  • Foster opportunities for everyone to explore and understand the value of a well designed built environment
  • Increase public awareness of the “in-between” spaces of the city – and their role in enhancing the urban environment
  • Increase public awareness of a diverse range of professions contributing to the built environment
  • Establish a positive voice for design projects in the city
  • Uncover stories, experiences and places around the city


  • Enhance and transform interaction between people and their city
  • Attract national and international visitors to the city
  • Increase public awareness of diverse range of professions contributing to the built environment
  • Generate new experiences for people in the city
  • Provide access to key projects that shape our city


  • A city energized around good design and cultural legacy
  • Existing city fabric and creative energy
  • High quality design projects throughout time
  • Design excellence in the city
  • Uncovering new layers of city fabric


  • Perth on a national and international stage
  • Position Perth as a design capital
  • Position Perth as a creative capital
  • High quality examples of environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable design
  • Local design industry and professionals
  • Facilitated creative interaction

To view Open House Perth’s proposed constitution, please click here.