Located in an area of North Perth predominantly developed in the 1920’s, this new home sits on a compact 207sqm sub-divided portion of the back-yard of a c.1928 transition Indian-Californian Bungalow.

Combining the industrial typology of the saw-tooth roof with the pitched roof forms of the surrounding streetscape, sculpted roof forms scoop in light and air, whilst providing north-facing roof area for harvesting solar energy. This dynamic roof-scape bridges between the existing single-storey bungalow on the corner and the two-storey infill townhouses to the south.

Within the home, walls are thickened continuing this idea of the carving out of solid – flared window reveals and niches form inverted internalised expressions of the external shard roof forms, sculpting both natural and artificial light into the various spaces. The thickness serves to both store and display the idea of memory and ritual. In the Master Bedroom shard the thickness serves as a room divider between washing and sleeping functions.

Solid timber blocks salvaged from a fallen log near Denmark form steps marking ‘threshold’, bringing a sculptural landscape quality to the main entry stairs – a homage to Scarpa.
Extensive sustainability initiatives were integrated from the outset, resulting in a certified NatHERS rating of 8.5 Stars.