This project is a renovation and addition to an original 2 x 1 state housing dwelling. It sits in the Plympton heritage ward of East Fremantle. The design is a distillation of a building study undertaken of the surrounding area, to determine the elements that stitch the local aesthetic together.
The things that were looked at were building size, bulk, scale, angles and materials. The intent was to reduce the research into a contextual blueprint in order to develop a modern interpretation of the Plympton “House”
Materials such as Shiplap jarrah feature walls reflect a modern interpretation of the traditional weather boards, Maxline roof and wall cladding continues the conversation with local Zink sheeting, the front verandah cantilevers over the public frontage connecting the house to the street, marmoleum flooring is reminiscent of the Lino era
A significant amount of the original home was kept reducing cost, material waste and ecological footprint of construction.
The house is heavily insulated with the integration of passive solar principles achieving a 6.7-star rating.

Photography is NOT permitted at this destination.