The Exploding! Shed House is an experiment in small footprint in-fill living for modern Perth, whilst referencing a more modest lifestyle of an earlier time.
This 1-bed, 1-bath home fulfils the goal of a joyful and simple suburban residence, while respecting its place and location. Greater urban density shouldn’t need to translate to boundary-to-boundary development while ignoring its site and neighbours.
The client’s brief was simple – A small, affordable home with a yard and an internal ‘messy space’ for a studio. The contrasting materials used inside and out split the building into weatherboard cottage and corrugated shed-like studio, while the clean white walls and ceiling of the residence give way to the more hand-crafted wood linings of the studio.
The house is tied together with a simple, yet durable, concrete floor running throughout the entirety of the home, and the yard is paved with concrete council pavers rescued from a local renovation. The design eschews unnecessary floor area for a backyard, and limits internal walls to allow for open space, natural light, natural ventilation, and views beyond the limits of the house. The mature jacaranda tree anchors the site, and its branches reach over the house to give shade throughout summer. Sliding doors, windows and fans cool the house, and orientation to the North and thermal mass help to heat the house in the winter.