Guided by the Reggio Emilia approach and inspired by the RIE & Pikler philosophy; the Founder was motivated to build a school that would feel like home. To create an environment which would nurture the growth and wellbeing of its young occupants. A place where the children were given every opportunity to learn and develop. The Akidamy School of Early Learning, echoes these ideals through its thoughtfully considered spaces and free-flowing educational environments that where designed to stimulate a child’s learning through exploration, curiosity and play.

The central corridor not only connects the spaces but is also designed to allow for free-flowing movement between these spaces. Its high ceilings with carefully located skylights bathe the space with natural light turning it into a functioning space and not just a space to pass by. The landscaping was specifically designed to be interactive so that they would also could become play spaces as well, encouraging the children to explore beyond the normal bounds of what constitutes a space. These elements allow the Akidamy to challenge and blur the ideas of space, indoor and outdoor, garden and play, creating one large undefined space that advances the occupants experience.

Architects and Staff members from Akidamy will be onsite during Open House Perth to answer questions