SHAC, which stands for Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives, is a cooperative with the purpose of providing affordable housing options for artists to remain living and working in Fremantle. SHAC found partnership with Access Housing Australia to develop a site for their housing needs. Access Housing is a Fremantle based not-for-profit-company with the purpose of increasing supply of affordable housing in WA.

The 12 apartments, studio space and associated site amenity are designed to be a solution which is back-drop to the creative pursuits of the artist community, whilst also providing a strong, unified and identifiable character in the built-form.
Innovative use of key materials for the project increases the quality of the apartments beyond what was previously expected to be possible in the forum of affordable housing.


We see the building as an armature for the lives and creative pursuits of the SHAC members, a proposal which facilitates and enhances their community objectives.