This home explores interconnected spaces, materials and volumes.
A young family with interconnecting lives set a brief for a robust family home. Large open living spaces, connection to outdoor areas as well as private living and playing spaces are all elements of an intricate brief. The clients’ material preferences were complex and somewhat inconsistent – a building form developed that celebrated the two directions in a single composition.

A significant home with 200m² of basement and 400m² of living with complex state-of-the art home automation, pools, spas and glazed pool windows has been achieved for a rate more consistent with a simpler two storey build, representing excellent value for money.

A strong curved form of stone creates arcs through the home, opening up to the street to form an entry and to the rear to access the backyard, swelling in the centre to conceal the machine of the house. Small bridges penetrate through this thin skin to provide access to the servicing side.

Partnered with this curve is a massive off form concrete box which floats over the living spaces providing an eave to the North glass and forming a contemporary veranda. This rectilinear form contrast the soft curve and strengthens the impact of both the curve and the floating box through their interrelationship.

A third architectural component houses spaces that a shared by the clients (master bedroom and suite, study and family room). The adoption of a stylised domestic roof form is designed to marry more consistently with the architectural language of the street and the context. This residential form is broken down as the roof cladding cascades over the front of the home to conceal garaging.

The external spaces make use of the significant falls of the site. The pool forms its own pool fence and has been celebrated through a pool window which transforms the subsurface nature of a pool into a picture window. The front courtyard is raised from the street and open. This outdoor space, coupled with the family room behind, creates a connection with the community which was a critical brief item.

The first floor and ground floor are connected by a vertical void space which allows informal interaction from upstairs to downstairs, creating a generous void space to the entry which explores the tension between the soft curve and the mass concrete box in the third dimension.

Light is controlled to the North to passively permit winter sun and excluded summer light. The East and West glazed walls are protected by automated external blinds. Automated louvers to the south west are partnered with high level automated windows to allow natural ventilation of the home.

The landscape design and structural engineering contribute to the composition of the building. The concrete box was conceived to float over the living spaces, emphasising the contrast between its mass and the light touching to the ground. The landscaping creates a series of external rooms using mass planting and screening which continues the theme of interconnected spaces and volumes.