Whispering Smith’s Director, Kate FitzGerald, always dreamed of one day working in a character infused space filled with like-minded small practices. In 2018, WS took over the lease of a warehouse in a quiet residential street in South Fremantle, and alongside studio friends Ohlo Studio and builder Talo Construction they rolled up their sleeves to make the King William Studios and Sometimes. Gallery their new home. To celebrate the first opening of the Studios, the Sometimes. Gallery space will be opening its roller door to exhibit the breathtaking work of one of Australia’s best architectural photographers – Ben Hosking. Ben’s images have captured years of architectural pilgrimages to shoot the work of our famous heroes like Corbusier, Niemeyer and Mies van der Rohe as well as unknown and anonymous masterpieces from far-flung parts of the world. If you are a design, architecture or photography fan, drop in on OHP weekend and say hi to WS & Ohlo Studio while immersing yourself in some world-class architectural photography.