A simple rear addition conceived in the manner of a ‘warehouse’. A large single volume under a skillion roof. Extended along the southern boundary completely open and glazed to the north. A single shift in the orthogonal geometry being a diagonal edge introduced in order to align access with existing house corridor. Reducing in width towards the rear of the yard this balances indoor and outdoor space and in accordance with a sequence of space function requirements. This generates a trapezoidal plan which interacts with the glazed elevation to create a dynamic sloping facade.
Requisite shading of glazed northern wall is harnessed to architectural effect. Composed a singular ribbon of zincalume capping. To express an iconic form in the elevation of the facade. Wet areas become interstitial to create a clean break between the existing building and roofline. This is reinforced internally via a corridor compression becoming a tight darkened portal between the spaces before being released into the expanse of living space.
A large rugged masonry blade wall also firmly defines the edge of the living areas. Connected to an external entertaining area which edges the yard.
The addition presents a bold and monumental form beyond its humble actuality (relatively small scale). Skillful resolution of deviant elements create moments of delight within the form.