Samson House was built for the prominent Fremantle couple Michael and Mary Samson and subsequently occupied by their descendants for almost 100 years. It was constructed in two phases; 1888-9 and 1899-1900. The architect for Samson House was JJ Talbot Hobbs and it may have been the first house designed after his arrival from England in 1887. The house is a single storey limestone, brick and iron house in the Federation style with elements of the Queen Anne style. It was constructed of local limestone said to be quarried on site, with red brick dressings and framed by a graceful veranda.
During Open House Perth there will be tours through Samson House; we will be screening original footage made by the Samson family of their 1920s activities around the house. Children are invited to create their own house out of paper in the garden. Coffee/Tea/Cake available in the garden/veranda