The front garden renovation of this iconic house in Floreat was an exercise in balance and restraint. The design approach aimed to highlight key features and to resolve levels to create simple functional spaces that complemented the house. Two distinct levels were created; an upper lawn terrace and a lower paved terrace at house level. Low retaining walls painted white supported the level change whilst also providing informal seating.

A separate pedestrian entry was designed with cascading concrete stairs which in themselves provide a feature in the landscape. The curved path leading to the front door creating dynamic movement.

Material selection was also key, it had to complement the tones of the existing stone cladding & warm hues of the timber detail work, as well as the era the architecture was derived from. A combination of concrete and bluestone in grey tones was chosen to create subtle linkage between the spaces without drawing too much attention so as to let other features shine.

Ornamentation & feature planting was hand-selected and strategically placed to provide focal punctuation in the simple layout. Mass planting of a simple plant palette softens the hardscape and create a vibrant contrast.

This garden is an example of the elegance in simplicity.