A conversation with; rather than a statement to, the existing fabric is engaged with. The original dado line is allowed to meander through the addition occasionally forgetting its original purpose. Brick coining reappears on the garage wall corners. Whilst the upper floor placed over the garage is given a mansard attic zone. It’s battened, gable slipping on a skew angle as a misinterpretation of the Mt Hawthorn vernacular; truncated gable.

The large steel truss required to span the large north opening to the living room is occupied as a window frame having its slender diagonal chords shifted into a playful asymmetry inspired by the triangular crystalline forms of the clear lead light windows throughout the existing house.

Creation of a central large volume living space as a contrast to the smaller intimate spaces of the existing house was a key requirement. A slight slope in the site is then used as single floor plane shifts to reinforce the more distinct spaces as you move through the wet areas and into the garage. This also allows minimal change in floor height to upper guest suite and strategic placement of stair for minimum length which permits it fit across the narrow plan width.