The Museum of Perth’s headquarters ‘The Atlas Building’ has been keeping watch over the Swan River since 1931. The Museum of Perth’s ground-level gallery is currently hosting an exhibition on the life, philosophy and work of Harold Krantz.

Between the 1930s and 1960s it is believed that around ninety percent of the flats built in Perth were designed by architect Harold Krantz, later in partnership with Robert Sheldon and subsequently joined in practice by their sons David and George.

Perth Apartments examines the life and work of Harold Krantz including his design ethic of creating functional, cost-effective housing. This premise permeated Krantz’s approach to his work – his minimalist design, desire to avoid waste, and maximise utility and space – leading to him forming relationships with real estate agents and preferred suppliers, who could accommodate his vision.

Krantz’s design was often vilified by other architects for being ‘ugly’ however his achievements were officially recognised during his lifetime. While many of those early apartments have since been demolished, several fine examples of Krantz’s work remain and this exhibition aims to celebrate Krantz’s contribution to architecture in Perth and to honour his legacy.