Named after the enduring haircut. The building’s design which much like the classic hairstyle has adapted the existing worker’s cottage by growing the back while maintain and tidying up the front. This little worker cottage was purchased for block value only, advertised as a bowl over and opportunity to build new. The building was in a derelict state with the floorboards sitting on the ground in places, the timber frame warped and bent having been an unloved rental property for 20+ years. The build is an example of how one can reduce one’s footprint both environmentally and in terms of how much space one consumes.

The house is a family home for 4 people with a total area of 129m2, 49% smaller than the average new-build Australian home from 2017-2019 (230m2). Key to the design was the desire for maintaining the character of the original cottage. Reuse was a key sustainable goal, the existing timber cottage was reused, insulation was installed into the existing timber structure and in the ceiling. The new addition has been constructed in timber framing from plantation-grown kiln-dried pine. Custom profile rough sawn timber cladding has been used in the new addition, delineating it from the existing cottage.