• 3x 2 residence, three stories including undercroft garage.
• East-West block orientation
• Block Size: 481m2 (11m frontage)
• Completed Aug 2017
• Contemporary build style

This great Cottesloe street is all about families, so the kitchen is at the front with a skateboard entry to the neighbour-friendly bar. A parents’ retreat with private sweeping views over the Cottesloe pine trees with curved robes and ensuite is a beautiful haven from busy young boys. The owners are keen and capable
entertainers and so there is also a pizza oven, pool pavilion and undercroft parking for three cars. The beachside family home puts the neighbourliness back into the architecture of suburban homes. A proud and curved natural timber clad facade not only exuding the relaxed and natural confidence of its leafy seaside setting but opening itself up to the busy street life with street front kitchen, table bar and home office nook. Opening itself up to the many friends and neighbours and contributing to the life and personality of the street in a supersized and carefully programmed re-interpretation of the great tradition of the front veranda. The design employs a sloping pavilion form, optimising northern light and providing variety of dramatic internal volumes. A respectful response to the light and amenity of all neighbors and a contrast to prevalent local temptation to build to all corners of a site.

This project explores:
Material –
• Earthy combination of off form concrete, timber cladding and steel/glass north face aperture – relaxed and durable response to the coastal setting;
• Breeze brick insertions for privacy effect and connection to the beach shack vernacular

Structural form –
• A seed like form with a tight and efficient two storey massing with a long tapering tail;- hidden undercroft with vintage car and workshop, downstairs living, kitchen, home office and private court space and upstairs private parents retreat;
• Sloping east west pavilion with double void light filled living spaces sloping down to quirky and curvaceous childrens bedroom, laundry and bathroom spaces.
Urban consolidation –
• Prioritising neighbourliness over privacy – bringing socialisiation back to our streets with a modern twist on the traditional veranda. Predominance of glazing including a giant operable tilt window a deliberate programming of the most active parts of the home – kitchen, office and streets side alfresco – into the street environment;
• A return to modesty in family home design – a sustainable response to a low density setting, preserving the light filled and treed amenity often being eroded by overbuilding and poor dwelling placement; and
• Integration of home business as a street front element with the functional and social benefits