First visiting the Lake House in 2014 is one of my most vivid memories of my time with Open House Perth. My husband and fellow Open House founder, Stephen Corns, made sure we made the time. This home embodies a lot of our personal beliefs in good design – that its not about the amount of space, but the quality.

When we arrived late in the afternoon we were taken aback by the large number of people lining up to see the house, and we soon found out that over 1200 people had already seen it.

I was overcome with emotion that so many West Australian’s had an affinity with the great design and ideas driving this project – and was incredibly lucky to have its talented architect Jonathan Lake nearby for a hug. It was one of the early moments I felt that Open House Perth had an important role to play in helping people better understand good design thru experience – which was everything I had hoped for it since the beginning.

Thanks to Jonathan and his family for allowing us the pleasure of opening this amazing house on a few occasions.

words by Carly Barrett