Lathlain is a suburb on the perimeter of Perth’s CBD which is currently undergoing a rapid gentrification process. Consisting predominantly of light-industrial warehouse buildings mixed in with residential R20 dwellings, the architectural opportunities of the suburb are endless, yet challenging at the same time.

The site where Laika Coffee now resides has both residential and warehouse elements & it was that that drew architect and business owner Josh McGinnity to the property. The 900m2 site has two street frontages, one street being part of a quiet residential subdivision and the other forming part of the local town centre.

The floor and wall murals painted by artist Chris Nixon, initiate activity & conversations between all generations and through photographs captured by others, drives the majority of the cafes marketing content.

Through out the weekend there will be all of Laika Coffee’s ten different black coffees available for free tastings, as well as a raft of family activities being held on the outdoor play area and basketball court. Guests will be taught the tasting and judging processes that coffee professionals use to evaluate different coffees from different farms, often used to scale and value the coffee in dollar value.