Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care is a new aged care home nestled in a Jacaranda tree lined suburban street in Wembley. The building responds to the landscape and community sensitively and unobtrusively in a warm, inviting and cohesive way. The scale of the built form mirrors the surrounding residential dwellings, in turn making it contextual and sympathetic. Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Aged Care has 80 beds, including a dementia specific wing, with an abundance of natural light and ventilation along with communal spaces such as landscaped courtyards, lounge, dining and activity areas.

KPA Architects developed the architectural design philosophy around the meaning of ‘Koh I Noor’, the iconic diamond that is the central feature of the Crown of Elizabeth, by overlaying a sectional image of the Koh I Noor diamond over an aerial image of Perth city to create a ‘connection to community and ‘connection to landscape’. Both of these themes influenced the project at a holistic level including the built form, interior design, wayfinding and public artwork.The design approach of Koh-I-Noor was to create a home for residents that sits comfortably in the existing residential streetscape, with considered articulations in plan to ensure all elevational elements are at a domestic scale.

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