This house has been designed with play in mind – there’s no doubt about it. Like a snappy condo in somewhere like L.A or maybe even Acapulco – except with kids.

Director at Klopper and Davis, Sam Klopper has created this great fun home in one of the best spots in Perth – just a 5 min walk from the beach. As you’d expect with a house designed by an architect for his own family, this project includes perfectly tuned examples of features in other projects that have come before – signature KADA style can be clocked from the street.

Sam and his wife have 3 action packed little boys under 12 and this home revolves around keeping them entertained – and by extension – keeping themselves sane.

With the beach so close, Sam has designed the entrance to the house with that in mind. There is a choice as soon as you come in the front door – upstairs to the living areas and bedrooms and neater things or downstairs to a mudroom, bathroom and beyond to the massive rumpus room. A perfect solution to living near the beach, but also more generally for busy families; Sam incorporates this ‘anteroom’ in most of his projects – a chance to dump all the things that get used outside. Whether it’s towels and hats and umbrellas or bikes and skateboards and dog toys – it’s a really good feature and stops the whole house from getting filed up with junk.

Another signature feature in KADA projects is their knock-out stairwells and this house has a ripper that sits like an ornament in the middle of the house. The beautifully crafted steel balustrading and hit and miss pattern in the brickwork on the way up mark a KADA project. Sam has chosen white bricks for his house, they are used on both the inside and out – a considered choice to make the most of the decorative brickwork that truly makes this house theirs. Each kid in the family has a wall dedicated to their horoscope – a dragon, a tiger and a monkey, Sam is so good at these elongated pixelated shapes and rather than being a distraction, the choice of white brick makes each design blend into the background – unless you want to stand back and have a look at what’s going on.

The house is on a sloping block so the first level of the house is way above the street but flows out into the substantial backyard. A large family room and kitchen sit in the middle of the house. This is where the family will spend most of their time together, either in one of these main rooms or out on the balcony at the front or the deck and garden beyond.
This main room is filled with light as high clerestory windows offer views across the pines from the upper landing. A floor to ceiling curtain makes the room private at night and offers respite from the harshest noon light – it also adds to the touch of glamour that is highlighted in the gorgeous brass balustrading on the front balcony and brass pedestal and rangehood in the kitchen.

The kitchen is brought right down to a friendlier scale with lower ceilings, defined by rough painted wood paneling and delineated by a gorgeous curved marble benchtop with the brass pedestal.

The landing at the top of the internal stairwell to this level diverts left to the study, laundry and a bedroom beyond and right to the other two kids bedrooms – full of perfectly practical joinery and cabinet work that will cope with the boys changing needs as they get older.

Up the stairs again to the parents floor. This simple box on top holds an enormous ensuite bathroom and beautifully private master bedroom. A long and super comfy window seat looks out over Norfolk pines away to the east and lets in the very first morning light.

From this level a sneaky staircase takes you up to the roof deck – the adults rumpus room. This curved slab sits above the rest of the house and way above the street – offering views out to the ocean on the west and takes in the full views of Cottesloe behind. A roof garden has been planted and is already trailing through the circle hole in the slab down to the balcony below.