Bringing back the neighbourhood bar, King Somm is a suburban wine bar & bottle shop, located in the town centre of Bayswater. Grab a bottle to-go or find a cozy nook and drink it in-house with a side of pizza or small plates.

A refurbishment and re-purposing of a Heritage Listed former Billiards Hall built in 1905. The project involved the creation of three uses; a wine store, wine bar, and pizza shop which forms ‘King Somm’. While each distinct use has the ability to operate independently if need be, King Somm was designed for customers to be able to purchase a bottle of wine from the retail outlet and drink in-store or in the small bar. Likewise with the take-away pizza outlet and kitchen, offering customers to option to dine in the small wine bar or take-away. The bar occupies the former billiard hall, which is accessed through a small hallway from the central arch in the historic facade.