This space is the private working art studio of Fremantle artist and designer Joanna Robertson. The space is a hidden, corrugated tin “shack” right on the beach with spectacular views overlooking Bathers Bay in Fremantle.

Joanna has converted the space into a pop-up bar and meeting-space-for-hire. The rest of the time it is her office and art & design studio space where she collaborates with (mostly) Indigenous artists. This space has become a “hidden treasure” of a place where musicians, singers, composers and songwriters from Blues to Opera gather to jam together. The space is chockablock with art, stuffed birds and items of interested collected by Joanna from around the world.

The “vibe” of the space is unparalleled in Perth – the roar of the ocean in a storm, the lapping of waves on a calm day and the rattle of the Fremantle freight train are all clearly audible in the space. The space is only 3.5m wide and 19m long. Joanna completed the build and modification of a 200sqm deck leading out from the Studio in 2019.