Working to the philosophy of creating a dynamic, raw interior, Hillam’s final build resulted in a multi-layered, textured environment. Housing 40 people, the flexible workplace has a series of openable spaces which extend into a large open area, combined with open plan sit-to-stand workstations promoting an Activity Based Workplace.

The restrained palette is predominantly timber, concrete and glass. The existing concrete slab, structure and services were left exposed and painted out, then paired with a directional lighting concept resulting in an interior that speaks of a dynamic, yet modern industrialist vibe.
Key drivers involved creating a sense of arrival and an instant immersion into the space, with the design encouraging transparency from reception through to workspaces.

Collaboration was critical to the design studio environment, therefore open shared zones are supported by a series of workspaces which allow our architects and designers to choose an appropriate space dependent on the task.

Coffee and Popcorn will be available for Open House Perth visitors at this destination, as well as a number of architecture presentation; Trellis Subiaco, Innovation & [Good] Design WA:

[Good] Design WA (Smarter Infill Housing = Less Urban Sprawl)

Saturday 16 November from 3:00pm (20 mins)

Sunday 17 November from 1:00pm (20 mins)

Perth has been ranked the least sustainable city in Australia with the highest ecological footprint per person. This is mainly attributed to urban sprawl.  If Perth continues to grow by building large, detached houses on the urban fringe, many residents will miss out on suitable housing options. The WA capital has not managed new housing development well but there are positive signs that things are changing. New state planning policy ‘Design WA’ is laying the foundations for a better built environment by promoting innovative residential architecture.

Tom will explore how good design is the solution to successful infill, increased population density and ultimately an improved sustainable Perth.

Trellis Subiaco

Saturday 16 November from 11:00am (15 mins)

Sunday 17 November from 11:00am (15 mins)

Trellis Subiaco is a collection of individual dwellings rather than a homogenous building. The architectural form  is a reinterpretation of the variance in size and diversity of houses found in a typical suburban street , with different individual dwellings and gardens being stacked up on top of one another creating “vertical suburban” typology that is new but also familiar.


Saturday 16 November from 1:00pm (15 mins)

Sunday 17 November from 12:00pm (15 mins)

Computer technology is accelerating exponentially and is reshaping our behaviour, our lifestyle and our society. How technology can be used to make our cities and communities a better place to live, work and play.