Designed by AE Clare for the WA Department of Public Works, the historic former Perth Girls School was built in the 1930’s. Its iconic ‘Egyptian Art-Deco’ grandeur saw it awarded a Royal Institute of British Architects award for its design. The school opened in 1936 until it closed in the 60s, after which it became WA Police Headquarters, then the Police Traffic Branch, with the WA Police vacating in 2015.

Come marvel at the architectural beauty of the building and explore the remnants of the past ; from the Tudoresque panelling in the ceiling and the names of heroic historical women bevelled into the faux limestone walls in the main hall, to the lingering police forensics equipment.

With support from Australian Development Capital and Warburton Group, the new owners and future developers of Girls School, ARTRAGE has taken over Girls School. The building has hosted two winter cinema seasons (Girls School Cinema) and the 2019 hit FRINGE WORLD show, A Midnight Visit.