A vertical community with a 7.5 star energy rating, Folio 195 is a new take on social housing with
sophisticated yet affordable homes that challenges established norms of apartment design and living. Working closely with the Department of Communities and the developer PEET, the development was designed not just as a place to live but as a place to connect with people. Rooftop communal spaces include a cinema, indoor and outdoor dining areas and gymnasium. At ground level, a cafe and co-working hub provided a public interface with the street and included a bike store, UAT, male and female toilets, end-of-trip facilities and accessible carbays.

Pier Street has an established history connecting it with the print form and news media. The government print hall was located on Pier street. The West Australian Newspaper, the Sunday Times, The Australian and the Community News suite of papers have all been located in this precinct over time. The site therefore has a connection with not only the mechanical printing of news, but also the collection and curating of information. These two influences have guided the built form and spatial planning to create a new built form typology which is timeless, beautiful and practical. We have focussed on an honesty of building materials, space planning and servicing which is expressive, raw and elegant.