Sited at a sensitive transition point between low and high density zones, 95 Evans Street sets a strong precedent for high quality, responsive suburban infill.

95 Evans Street is located on the cusp of Subiaco’s new density rezoning; a stone’s throw from Shenton Park train station and surrounded by great pedestrian amenity. The project seeks to respond to the site’s many sensitivities, with single story residences to the eastern and southern boundaries.
As a result, the building is shifted to a zero lot setback to the western boundary, maximising the setbacks to the east. In addition to this, the built form is stepped back significantly, with each side responding to the r-code of its neighbour, with a minimal setback to the denser coded western boundary, stepping back to the R15 code of its eastern neighbour.
The materiality, extensive landscaping and distinctive planter design reference the rich surrounding architectural and cultural history of Shenton Park, embedding it in its surroundings.