Dollhouse 2.0 is a long-term family home that works comfortably within its small 174m² inner city site. The design intent was to create functional flexible spaces, adaptable for a growing family. The finishes were selected for longevity to create a low maintenance and sustainable “forever home”.

The home is conveniently located adjacent to various active cultural hubs, allowing the planning of the home to be pared back to the essentials.

With 2 bathrooms, a powder room, 3 bedrooms and a double garage, the home accommodates the needs of most families. Each of the spaces are carefully considered, many offering the ability to expand and contract for larger gatherings or changes in family dynamics.

The void through the heart of the home provides visual interaction with the street, natural light and ventilation with solar access to the north warming up the concrete floors in winter. A void was favoured over additional floor area, as the views and natural light contribute to the feeling of spaciousness in an otherwise small home.

Integrated storage and built-in furniture have been designed to maximise the use of space and provide functionality. Cabinetwork is utilised for storage of items, as furniture, as display for personal items and art (like the piano strings found in the laneway), or to create public and private modes of use.

The interior palette is an extension of the exterior palette with the added warmth of natural timber. The use of robust and cost-effective materials for the building envelope was intended to create a long lasting and thereby sustainable home. These cost-orientated choices enabled the budget to be directed into quality interior finishes, fixtures and integrated cabinetwork contributing to the aesthetic and functional comfort.

The design demonstrates how a small home can be liveable without compromise.