Open House Perth is bringing back Design Matters after pandemic scheduling issues.. Last year you told us you wanted to see us more, so here we are with a brand new series of talks called Design Matters. We are joined by some of Western Australia’s most exciting design practices on the topic Public / Private.

Mountford Architects
Grotto Studio
Philip Stejskal Architects
Hosted by David Weir

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Most of the projects you will see are homes, but dont be surprised if there are a few suprises…

Additional Websites:
The Rechabite
Western Australian Planning Commission @ DoPLH

Please note:
a. If you chose to attend this event amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we ask that you take due consideration of fellow attendees. If you are experiencing any symptoms please refrain from attending this event.
b. If you are attending you are therefore accepting any risk associated with a medium sized gathering. If you are unprepared to take this risk on yourself we ask that you refrain from purchasing tickets as we will not accept any liability associated with attending the event. With any concerns we recommend seeking further information from the
Australian Government
World Health Organisation