MJA obtained DA approval in December 2017 for a unique corner site within Parkside Walk, Jolimont – a joint re-development between LandCorp and the town of Cambridge.
CIRQUE is a substantial development, one of the first within an area of transition; transition from the highway commercial lined leafy suburbia of Mt Pleasant, through to the well-located Canning Bridge Activity Centre. With this transition comes a complexity, bridging between the extant past and unrealised future scale, bulk, language and form.
This scheme is adept in this regard. The street level interface is well-controlled by a lower activated podium element relating to the adjacent single residential and low-level commercial, and further striated to a pedestrian human scale.
Adopting an unusual triangular bow-tie plan form, the tower element allows for controlled view corridors, with the geometry both protecting these views into the future, providing its own space and relief within the future high-density environment.
Internally the design is both legible and generous. Ground-floor community spaces and podium level apartments are well planned and detailed, belying their duty of sleeving and concealing car parking behind.
The tower apartments are well planned, with particular attention to maximising views from habitable rooms, creating well-proportioned and furnishable spaces, providing balconies and outdoor spaces that are open but remain protected from wind. The environmental credentials of this building also set it apart as an exemplar.

2020 – UDIA National Awards for Excellence – High Density Development Award
2019 – Australian Institute of Architects WA Chapter Awards: The Harold Krantz Award for Multiple Housing
2019 – UDIA Awards – Russel Perry Award
2019 – UDIA Awards – High Density Award