Designing a bridge that provides with 360° views.

Arup was the design lead consultant for the Elizabeth Quay pedestrian and cyclist bridge and delivered a lot more than just structural engineering for the feature arch and suspension bridge. The Perth office led a team that spanned ten countries and four continents to deliver a project that has been described as “outstanding quality” and “timeless and refined in its simplicity”.
The bridge spans from the western Williams Landing and the new island in the east, providing increased opportunities for people to interact with the Swan River. It is 22m high, 5m wide and suspended over the inlet with a 5.2m current mean clearance. Two 45m spans connect in the middle, with the bridge’s arches sweeping down towards the water to rest on concrete piers supported on piles socketed into the rock bed.

Arup’s engineers and architects worked together to calculate everything from how to balance the dramatic impact of the bridge’s leaning arches with its structural function, to how to minimise wind vibration.

TOUR MEETING POINT: Williams Landing, Ferry terminal side of the bridge from 11:00am, 12:00pm and 1:00pm


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