Open House Perth Festival of Good Design

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It’s probably about this time you are asking… why am I not hearing about which destinations are open for this year’s Open House Perth event…

This year, because the world is a remarkably different place so is Open House Perth this year.  Like many of our fellow cities, we are hosting a predominantly digital festival this year – so what can you expect?

Firstly, there will be new content uploaded to our website daily!

Will we have tours?  Yes, but not many.  Because good design is much better with friends and family, we have a couple of amazing locations lined up, and we also have a number speaker events lined up from now into the new year so you can hear from the best of the west.

Will we have virtual tours?  In a manner, you will be able to see some amazing designs thru photos, diagrams and videos.

Will you get to meet any architects/ designers?  Yes, we will be “zooming in” to meet some amazing creatives.

How will you find this different information? While we will provide some insight into the programme on social media, the best way to check what’s happening is to visit the website.  There are some main categories to look out for:  EVENTS,  IN(DESIGN), FLASH(BACKS), IN(SIGHT) and IN(TALKS).  You will still be able to save your favourite things to revisit them later.


So what is in these categories?

EVENTS This is where you will find information on destination tours, speaker events alongside creative events supported by Open House Perth.

IN(DESIGN)- This is where you can find out about great local design projects.  You’ll be able to see a collection of information to help you appreciate these great quality spaces.

FLASH(BACKS) – We’ve been going through the archives and uncovered a number of great Open House Perth memories including some behind the scenes action dating back to 2011 when we started working towards our first-ever event.

IN(SIGHT) – A look at important information into WA’s current and built environment.  Identifying what are some of the key opportunities for us in a post-covid world.

IN(TALKS) – “Zooming in” to meet some great Western Australian creatives and hear from some of Australia’s leading emerging designers on key ideas that would be great to see in WA.


and don’t forget we will be participating doing a live-cross to the Open House Worldwide Festival this November 14th @ 4pm as part of the 48hour online festival planned with contributions to around 40 Open House cities around the world.

We hope by the end of it we will have developed one of the largest repositories of local design (and design issues) in WA.

None of this would be possible without the support of our Platinum Partners the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). 

We were lucky enough to receive a welcome message from WAPC Chair, Mr David Caddy.  As part of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, WAPC’s support of Open House Perth demonstrates the commitment to making better, more connected spaces for Western Australians.